Fitness & Massage

If you’re looking for a haven of health and relaxation, look no further than the services provided by The Quarry. A state-of-the-art fitness center is available for residents to work out, run, stretch, do yoga, and much more. You’ll look your best and feel your best all the time.

After a good workout, there isn’t much that’s better than a relaxing massage. And at The Quarry’s fitness center, an array of soothing options are available. Try an hour-long Swedish massage for just $75, or make it 90 minutes for just $90. Or, for maximum muscle relaxation, have a deep tissue massage: $85 for an hour, and $100 for 90 minutes. All these services are available to residents of The Quarry, making it the premier community for health and fitness in all of Naples.


The Quarry